Monte Cristo FIFA Coins visited the GameSpot appointment bygone with a pre-alpha physique of Micro Commandos, its attainable real-time adapted activity game. Players ascendancy a accession of tiny aliens beatific to crop over Earth, but aboriginal they accept to apprentice how to survive by application the activity sources and altar activate in assorted environments. The ambition of the adventurous is to accretion the ultimate weapon that will admonition them accompany the planet to its knees.

Although the adventurous is still in the aboriginal stages of development, the physique showed off some of the game's blithe characters and environments. The complete adventurous will awning 13 altered areas, such as a pizzeria, a apparitional house, a museum, a cabaret, and a school. The conflicting assailment force accept to physique a tiny abject of operations from which to assay their environment, and they accept to bulwark off attacks from cockroaches, spiders, mice, and kittens while they seek for the ultimate weapon. The adventurous will accept a four-mission tutorial and a single-player beforehand with 12 missions.